Squeaks are about the size of a match box.  They’re small enough and flat enough  to fit practically anywhere.  You can slide them under refrigerators and dishwashers, hide them behind all the stuff under your bathroom sink, put one behind the washing machine, and definitely one under the kitchen sink .

When they come into contact with no more than a shot glass of water they will begin to activate.  After a few minutes they will start to beep, two short beeps, then wait a few seconds and then do it again.  The beeps will get progressively louder as the cell charges up.  This will typically continue from three to five days.    Here is what they look like:


They can be simply placed  beneath any plumbing fixture that may potentially create a leak.


To turn one off just pry it open from the front with a coin or butter knife.


NOTE: They are NOT recommended for areas with consistent high indoor humidity – as this could shorten the life expectancy of the water activated cell.

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